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We encourage 100+ members to support any or all the wonderful charities introduced at our meetings!

February 6 , 2019

Winning Presentation:
Common Ground

$13,000 Raised

Common Ground is a 24-hour crisis services agency dedicated to helping youths, adults, and families in crisis.

Through our crisis line and in person, we provide professional and compassionate service to more than 80,000 people each year.

Every member of our team is dedicated to our core purpose and guided by our core values.

Donations will support Common Ground’s Art Therapy Program.

by: Kathy Walgren, #151


Our February 6th meeting also featured:

  Kids on the Go
Diana Moak # 305  

St. Vincent de Paul, Detroit
Katie Kessler # 124


November 14 , 2018

Winning Presentation:
Connect Us
$13,000 Raised

ConnectUS is a stand-alone nonprofit established to fill a need for quality programming for individuals with severe multiple disabilities.  

Our program is designed to provide stimulating activity for our members, as well as educational and social connections for student interns and volunteers.  

ConnectUS is based on the belief that everyone has something to offer, and that the needs of one can be an opportunity for another.  

Our goal is to make the connection happen.

by: Margie Burch  # 293


Our meeting also featured:

Art and Soul Dreams
Michelle Clay # 279

Fit Kids 360
Katie Scarchilli # 50



May 8 , 2018

Winning Presentation:
Rose Hill Center
$13,000 Raised

As one of the nation’s leading long-term mental health facilities,

Rose Hill Center in Holly, Michigan offers comprehensive psychiatric treatment and residential rehabilitation programs on 400 peaceful and serene acres.

We combine our healing, pastoral environment with caring and experienced staff, effective therapeutic modalities including group and individual therapy, and responsible medication management.

  by: Kathleen McInerney # 242

Our meeting also featured:

Art and Soul Dreams
Michelle Clay # 279

Pingree Detroit Boots on the Ground
Sally Kolar # 42 

February 7, 2018

Winning Presentation:
Fleece & Thank You

$13,500 Raised

Our mission is to provide donors the unique opportunity to give comfort and hope to children in the hospital by creating a fleece blanket and a personalized video message.
The healing connection we foster by linking blanket makers to children with illnesses allows us to cheer them on at the starting line of their treatment journey.
Children thrive on love and acceptance.  The videos that come from every blanket maker are comforting and inspiring to the child as they realize they are not in this alone;there are people on the outside of the hospital walls who care about their fight.

  by: Janice Sharkey, #273

Our meeting also featured:

Turning Point
Michelle Clay, #279

Monster Box Theatre Special Needs Theatre Camp
Stacy Grutza, #292


November 8 , 2017

Winning Presentation:
Wish Upon a Teen
$14,000 Raised

Wish Upon a Teen is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing resources, time and opportunities to teenagers with severe life-limiting medical conditions. Through creative, social, and educational opportunities, our goal is to normalize their environment and rebuild their self-esteem as they transition to adulthood.

  by: Nancy Sovran, #296

Our meeting also featured:

Art and Soul Dreams
Melissa Parks, #265

Funding the Future
Southeast Michigan Financial Literacy Rock and Roll Tourhttp://www.fundingthefuturelive.org/
Karen Rashid Balow, #1 


August 12 , 2017

Winning Presentation:
St. Vincent & Sarah Fisher Center Mission
$14,000 Raised

 We provide educational programs, basic skill building and academic enhancement for at-risk children and adults,designed to build self-sufficiency skills for academic and employment success, personal achievement and dignity.
  by: Sally Kolar # 42

Our meeting also featured:

Detroit Crime Prevention Commission
Stephanie Yates # 268

Monster Box Theatre Special Needs Theatre Camp https://monsterboxtheatre.com 
Colleen Murphy # 102

May 3, 2017

Winning Presentation: Auntie Na’s House https://auntienashouse.wordpress.com 
$14,000 Raised

This community outreach center provides a place of support and survival for those who are left unprotected by traditional government or non-profit social services. In their attempt to conform to the expectations of foundations and the criteria for government assistance, many institutions end up excluding and ignoring huge populations of marginalized people.  Auntie Na simply tries to respond to the needs in her community, and maintains that “the only thing I turn down is my collar.”  For her, this means supporting any and all who humble themselves to ask for her help.  Her outreach program primarily supports low-income families of color, but also works with folks with developmental disabilities, those recovering from drug addiction, and those surviving domestic violence.  In short, Auntie Na reaches out to all those who fall through the cracks of our broken system.

  by: Sue Hamilton # 69

Our May 3rd, 2017 meeting also featured:

Children’s Leukemia Foundation of Michiganhttps://www.leukemiamichigan.org
Denice Richmond # 240

Michigan Children’s Law Center:
Linda Gruber # 243 

February 10 , 2017

Winning Presentation: Center For Success-Detroit Facility
$15,000 Raised

Who We Are. The Center for Success is a registered 501C3 Non-Profit Organization committed to impacting children in under privileged areas through our mission. We believe that if we impact the next generation, we will impact generations to come. Our dream is to move into inner city areas and bring positive change through after school programs, literacy, parental development courses and more.

Our Vision. To build a successful program that impacts children and parents with measurable results.

Our Mission. Empowering individuals and families to live successful lives.

Our Goal. To interface with hundreds of kids per week.

Our intention is to connect with areas public and charter schools to find students who have need.

We provide transportation to our facility and then ask the parents/guardians to pick them
up, giving us an opportunity to connect with and empower them each week.

Detroit: Our Detroit location has been serving students since January 2015.

We are partnered with two area charter schools, Detroit Enterprise Academy and University Prep Science and Math Elementary.

We have 42 students, 1st through 6th grade, registered for our twice weekly after school program.

Each program night consists of: a meal, group activity, literacy development with mentor support, homework help

Center For Success-Detroit Facility
by: Andrea Meyer #262


Our February 10, 2017 meeting also featured: 

Auntie Na’s House
Sue Hamilton # 69

Detroit Garment Group
Karen Buscemi # 245


November 10 , 2016

Winning Presentation: Baldwin Center
$14,000 Raised

A group of 100+ members attended the presentation including: Dee Chandler (Dee’s 2 daughters: Vickie and Suzanne ) Kathy Walgren, Susan Solomon, Karen Rashid Balow and Sharon Pulte.The women toured the after school tutoring room, craft area and gym!
What a fabulous facility!

The Baldwin Center’s mission is to feed, clothe, educate and empower the men, women and children of the Pontiac community. We are a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. The Center has been serving our neighbors since 1981 and currently offers more than 25 support programs that meet basic needs, offer assistance in a crisis, provide education and enrichment opportunities for adults and children, and serve as a safety net. We envision people of all ages and cultures sharing the belief that they can create and shape how they live and grow within the community.

by: Dee Chandler # 199

Our November 10, 2016 meeting also featured: 

Detroit Crime Prevention Commission
Stephanie Yates # 268

Art & Soul
Melissa Parks  #265

August 10 , 2016

Winning Presentation: The Michigan Collaborative for Mindfulness in Education (MC4ME

$15,000 raised

The Michigan Collaborative for Mindfulness in Education is a non-profit organization dedicated to making a difference in education through awareness and training of mindfulness practices.

We are growing a professional network of educators in Michigan who have a passion

for cultivating and teaching mindfulness in students, families, and educators. 

by: Kristin Ervin # 59

Our August 10, 2016 meeting also featured: 

Detroit Crime Prevention Commission
Stephanie Yates # 268

 Gamers Outreach
Gail Haffey # 43

May 12 , 2016

Winning Presentation: Assistance League of SEMI

Operation School Bell
Our donations will serve the Detroit Public Schools

$15,000 raised

Clothing Distributions: Provides new school clothing and/or necessities for students: Elementary Student Shopping: Volunteers set-up a ‘store’, in designated schools on scheduled days, helping children choose a new warm coat, hat, gloves, tops, (uniforms for specified public schools), underwear, socks, hygiene kit, book, and a duffle bag. - Middle School Student Shopping: Volunteers help students shop for school clothing at local stores. 

by: Cindy Guerrieri #161    

We encourage 100+ members to support any or all the wonderful charities introduced at our meetings!

Our May 12, 2016 meeting also featured:

  Humble Design
Mary Benedetto  # 222

Tawnya Bender # 220


February 10, 2016
Winning Presentation: Penrickton School for the Blind Children

$15,000 raised


On Wednesday   100+Women Motown February winner, Karen Kelly, Karen Balow and I had the pleasure of presenting $14,100 to the wonderful staff at Penrickton School for Blind Children.
Penrickton was established in 1952 and specializes in treating blind children who have one additional handicap such as deafness, cerebral palsy, brain damage… We were met by their amazing staff and were led around the facility meeting the children, volunteers, therapists and all who make this great organization run so smoothly. The services at Penrickton are free of charge and open to anyone of any economic level. Penrickton teaches the children and families life skills (eating, dressing personal care) as well as working to improve their cognitive and motor skills. Penrickton is nationally recognized as the leader and proponent of a concept called active learning. Through the execution of this  concept the staff is encouraged to see their children continue to improve in all areas of learning.

The best part of the tour came at the end in the activity center. The room is a large, bright and colorful learning center.   This is where the children and their therapists go to work on their skills and work toward achieving their ultimate potential. Small milestones to a healthy child, are life changing moments to these kids. The dedication, patience and love of the amazing staff and volunteers left me in awe at the work they do each day. We met a few children but Anna stole our hearts. Anna is 2 yr. old who loved to snuggle and a smile to break your heart.

God bless Anna and all the children at Penrickton.
We found out that the day before Karen Kelly called with the news of her win, the Penrickton roof started to leak very badly. After the call from Karen, the roofers were given a go to start work on a new roof! Just in the nick of time!
A portion of our donation will also upgrade the swing set.

Penrickton Center for Blind Children
is a unique, private non-profit agency, providing five-day residential, day care, and consultation/evaluation services to blind, multi-disabled children ages one through twelve. Each program is individually designed to promote independence in all aspects of daily living. Penrickton Center utilizes its experience and expertise to teach and serve families, children and professionals through support services, education and advocacy.
by:  Karen Kelly #229  

 Baldwin Center
http:// www.Baldwincenter.org
Dee Chandler  # 199 

Children’s Leukemia Foundation of Michigan
Denise Richmond # 240


November 5, 2015
Winning Presentation: CROSSROADS of Michigan

$15,000 raised


Crossroads is a social service outreach agency with two locations in Detroit.

Founded in 1971, Crossroads exists to support the community at large by providing emergency assistance, advocacy, and counseling to anyone in need. Acting in partnership with many other agencies, parishes, hospitals, companies and organizations in the metro area, Crossroads offers assistance in the form of a hand-up. We work with our clients to meet their immediate needs and help them assess their situations to lessen the likelihood of future problems. Our efforts are funded by foundations, individuals, and friends who are committed to bringing hope to those living on the edge of despair...

by:   Julie Mazza #99 and presented by Yolanda Turner #176


Our November 5, 2015 meeting also featured:

The Family Center of Grosse Pointe
http:// www.FamilyCenterweb.org
Wendy Saigh #62 

Michigan Collaborative for Mindfullness in Education
Kristin Ervin  # 59

September 2, 2015
Winning Presentation:   The Detroit Garment Group

$15,000 raised

Our September 2, 2015 meeting also featured:

Baldwin Center
http:// www.BaldwinCenter.org
Dee Chandler # 199

Frank Minolli Foundation
Virginia Minolli  # 162

May 28, 2015
Winning presentation: Vista Maria

$14,100 Raised!!!!!

On May 28 th, our May winner Claire Bernacki and Karen Balow presented $14,100 in checks and On-line donations to Mary Vogt and Ryan Ambrozaitis of Vista Maria.

The visit focused on a tour of Shepherd Hall. It is a Dorm style residence designed for the homeless who are between the ages of 18 and 24 who have aged out of the Foster care system and desire an independent living environment.

Thank you for your commitment!

Vista Maria

by: Claire Bernacki # 12

Vista Maria delivers innovative care, support, treatment and education to vulnerable youth so that they heal, believe in their worth, and build the skills needed to succeed


February 2015
Winning presentation: Angels Place
Gail Haffey
$15,000 Raised!!!!


November 2014
Winning presentation: Detroit Cristo Rey High School.
Mary Counihan
$15,000 Raised!! !!

August 6, 2014
Winning presentation: EHM – Safe at Home

$15,000 Raised!!!!!

Our August 6,2014 meeting also featured:

http:// www.frankminollifoundation.org
Virginia Minolli #162

Tawnya Bender #220

Earlier this week Karen and I visited the Farmington Hills offices of Evangelical Homes of Michigan- Safe at Home and presented them with $14,500 of 100+ Women Motown checks!!

We had the pleasure of meeting staff and a former client. Heather, a staff member of EHM for three months now, was actually a former client. Heather was diagnosed with cancer of the spine in 2012 and her medical bills were so high she and her husband could not afford the necessary modifications to their home so she could get around safely during her treatments. EHM was called and came to Heather's rescue by widening doorways, installing the needed ramp, and anEntire bathroom redo ie; grab bars, wheel in shower necessary to keep her safe.

Heather is just one of the hundreds of very grateful EHM clients.
EHM are angels from heaven for so many people in need.
Thank you EHM!!


May 8 th 2014
Winning presentation:
Common Grounds
http:// www.CommonGroundhelps.org
$15,000 Raised!!!!!

Our May 8th 2014 meeting featured:

by: Nancy Maxwell # 182 and Tawnya Bender #220

by: Pricilla Perkins #198

http:// www.CommonGroundhelps.org
by: Kathy Walgren #151


Feb 5th 2014
Winning presentation:
Sweet Dreamzzz
$14,100 Raised!!!!!

Our Feb 5th 2014 meeting featured:

by: Jane Thomas #49 and Nancy Maxwell # 182

by: Denise Rabidoux #30

http:// www.Detroitareadiaperbank.org
by: Julie Mazza #99

Our February 5 th, 2014 quarterly winner was Sweet Dreamzzz.
On March 7, 2014, the kindergarten through fifth-grade students
at Detroit International Academy for Young Women participated
in Sweet Dreamzzz’ Rest. Educate. Motivate. (R.E.M.) Sleep Program
In addition to learning the importance of sleep and healthy sleep tips, students received a sleep kit containing bedtime essentials including
a sleeping bag or blanket, nightshirt, toothbrush and toothpaste,
book and more. The participating classrooms included students
learning healthy sleep tips and volunteers dressed in pajamas
educating K-5 students about the importance of sleep.
The goal of the Sweet Dreamzzz R.E.M. Sleep Program is to improve
the quality and quantity of sleep in at-risk children to improve their
learning potential. Numerous studies indicate that lack of sleep is
linked to childhood obesity, attention deficit disorder, diabetes, heart disease and other health issues. The 45-minute Sleep Program informs children on the importance of sleep in every aspect of their lives,
especially in preparation for classroom learning. This program was
funded by 100+ Women Who Care – Motown and 8 members were in attendance to help pass out sleep kits.

Sweet Dreamzzz
A simple solution is a thing of joy.A simple solution that makes a significant and life-long change for the better in the life of an individual, a community and a country is, well, extraordinary.And yet, Sweet Dreamzzz™ offers a simple approach to alleviating the multiple negative affects that plague our kids, schools, families and our everyday lives. That simple solution is sleep.
Sweet Dreamzzz is bringing the opportunity for better, more restful sleep to poverty-level school children.More than 40,000 children have received sleep education and bedtime essentials from Sweet Dreamzzz over the last 11 years.


November 7, 2013
Winning presentation:
Matrix Theatre Company
$15,000 Raised!!!!!


Our Nov 7th 2013 meeting featured:

by: Michele Dragisity #91

by: Nancy Maxwell #182 and Ann Raferty #195

http:// www.crossroadsofmichigan.org
by: Lisa Fitzpatrick #187


Photo (from left to right): Karen Rashid Balow, Andrea Scobie, Nancy Sullivan, Michele Dragisity, Sue Sattler, IHM (President of the Board of Directors, Matrix Theatre Company), and Megan Buckley-Ball (Artistic Director, Matrix Theatre Company).
Photo Credit: Mercedes Coley


Matrix Theatre Company uses the transformative power of theatre to
change lives, build community, and foster social justice.
It creates opportunities for children, youth, adults and elders, especially those in isolated or challenged communities, to become creators,
producers, and audience of original and heritage theatre
2730 Bagley Ave, Detroit, MI 48216

Thanks to Jen Mitchell for hosting the November meeting at the Red Run Country Club, what an amazing evening.


August 7, 2013
Winning presentation:
St. Pats Senior Center
$15,300 Raised!!!!!


Our August 2013 meeting featured:

by: Katherine Baldini #179 and Marjorie DeCapite #130

http:// www.camp-casey.org
by: Marina Pesserl #132

http:// www.frankminollifoundation.org
by: Karen Balow #1 and Virginia Minolli#162

100+Women Motown Check Presentation
St. Patrick’s Senior Center, Detroit, MI. 8/28/2013

This morning, our August 100+ winner, Marjorie DeCapite (and her granddaughter), member Katherine Baldini (and her 2 daughters), Karen Balow (and her daughter) and I had the pleasure of visiting St. Patrick’s Senior Center in Detroit for the presentation of our collective donations of $ 15,300.

As we approached, a shuttle van filled with the senior center choir were preparing to take off for lunch and a boat ride on the Detroit River. Karen asked if before they took off if they would sing a song for us. With smiles on their faces approximately 25 seniors started singing beautifully which brought smiles to our faces for sure. Sr. Mary Watson, founder of the senior center (and still there after 40 years!) welcomed us into the 121 year old former school, which is still in excellent condition. Sr. Mary led us through the hallways filled with activity. A dance class was being held in the auditorium, a dozen women were preparing for a talent show that was to take place later in the afternoon. Down the hall was a room which included 3 pool tables and a couple of handsome gentlemen who challenged us to a game of pool (Karen and I actually hit a few shots). The next room was filled with work out equipment and Ed “the Trainer” had all of us on equipment. I think Ed worked Marjorie into a sweat! Around the corner was a resale shop with a welcoming staff, a salon and much, much more. Our tour concluded with the presentation of checks to the Executive Director, SaTrice Coleman-Betts, a gracious round of applause and then a lovely lunch followed by ice cream donated by Guernsey Farms. The staff of volunteers, made us feel very welcome and right at home. Sr. Mary explained that the St Patrick Senior Center is not only a place where seniors come for activities but a community where the seniors also give back. Seniors run the classes, work at the store, serve the food, cut hair…

It is a senior community of giving and receiving, it was very beautiful to witness.

Thank you Marjorie DeCapite for advocating for St Patrick Senior Center and thank you 100+ Women of Motown for selecting St. Pats a very deserving community of wonderful seniors focused on loving, caring and sharing.


May 7, 2013
Winning presentation: Humble Design
$14,600 Raised!!!!!

Our May, 2013 meeting featured:

http:// www. humbledesign.org
by: Treger Strasberg #60 & Lindsay Krempa #165
http://www. sweetdreamzzz.org
by:by: Jane Thomas #49 & Nancy Maxwell #182
http:// www.stpatsrctr.org
by: Marjorie DeCapite #130

Yesterday we were privileged to have visited the Detroit home of Yvette Thompson. Yvette and her 3 children are a family sponsored by Humble Design.

Two years ago Yvette and her children were homeless, but through the help of family and friends she was granted housing assistance and was able to start a home at St. Aubin Apartments. Yvette was accepted into Wayne County Community College work study program and is now able to start paying tuition and rent. Someone needed to believe in her and give her a start and she is now on her feet. For 6 months Yvette and her family slept in one bed and had a couple of lawn chairs in their new home. Yvette had heard about Humble Design and contacted them for some help.

Humble Design was there to give Yvette and her children their own beds and made each bedroom beautiful and welcoming. Humble Design also provided a soft and cozy sectional couch and a tv for the family to enjoy. The apartment feels like a home because of the lovely touches from the Humble Design angels. Yvette says her children can now raise their heads high because they are proud of their home and their mom!

100+ Women presented a check to Humble Design

Treger Strasberg thanked the group and said that this donation will assist in furnishing 15 homes in Detroit for well deserving families

100+ Women have made a small contribution to this hard working organization to create a brighter future for families in Detroit!

Humble Design thanks all the 100+ Women of Motown!

Continued Success Humble Design!

Help us help Detroit Families Help us furnish a family's future.

You provide the gently-used furniture and household goods, we design and install functional and welcoming home interiors for moms & kids coming out of the shelters or escaping domestic abuse.

Simple, but life-changing.



February 7, 2013
Winning presentation: Mercy Education Project
$14,300 Raised!!!!!

Our February, 2013 meeting featured:

http://www.mercyed.net by: Carol Murray #88
http:// www.ciprianochildrenstrust.org by: Nancy Sullivan #3
http:// www.hospiceadvantage.net by: Tina Smith #169

Yesterday we were privileged to have visited, toured and presented
the 100+ Women Motown checks totaling $14,100, to the
Mercy Education Project.

We arrived in late afternoon and the building was busy with learning all around, I would guess there were 20 tutors and students working very hard.

We met a volunteer from Quicken Loans who tutors a 5 th grader twice a week. Both tutor and student seemed to be engaged in the learning process and very happy to be with each other.

Sister Maureen and Amy Amador are an amazing duo who run the day to day operations at MEP, they are doing a marvelous job. A consistent theme in the 100+ selections has been organizations that try to stop the cycle of poverty in our community! Education is the pathway to success in life! MEP is making this happen for so many wonderful women and girls! (some students are pictured)

100+ Women have made a small contribution to this hard working organization to create a brighter future for the women and girls of Detroit! MEP thanks all the 100+ Women of Motown!
Continued Success MEP!



November 8, 2012
Winning presentation: Tree of Hope
$15,500 Raised!!!!!

Our November, 2012 meeting featured:

http://www.commongroundhelps.org by Kathy Walgren
http://www.treeofhopefoundation.org by Pamela Moffitt
by Cyndi Guerrieri

Photo credit: Kristine Stewart Hass

August 8, 2012
Winning presentation: Lighthouse Path

Time is one of the most valuable commodities that PATH provides homeless mothers and their children. Expecting these struggling women to move from the streets to success overnight is not realistic. Attaining an education takes time. Developing job skills takes time. Gaining confidence, self-respect and the ability to achieve independence all take time. At PATH, homeless women and children live in a safe, nurturing environment for two years. During those 24 months, they are given the time and necessary training to make the triumphant transformation from poverty to self-sufficiency.

$15,200 raised!!!!!

Our August, 2012 meeting featured:

May 8, 2012

Winning presentation: City Mission

City Mission – Break the cycle of generational poverty. Our mission is to break the cycle of generational poverty in the Brightmoor community by meeting the educational, physical and spiritual needs of children through mentoring relationships and outreach programs that make life-change possible. City Mission has labored to change the outcome of families in Brightmoor by providing tutoring, mentoring and outreach programs to at-risk children.

$15,100 raised!!!!!

Our May, 2012 meeting featured:


February 8, 2012
Winning presentation: SOCH – Welcome Inn
South Oakland Citizens for the Homeless

SOCH is a faith-based organization compromised of local citizens, religious leaders, social service agency representatives, and community coalition members, united by a single goal.

We help guests who need a warm place, and a good meal, during the cold days of winter get back on their feet, and give them access to services to their homeless situation.

We love what we do. But we can't do it alone. That's where you come in.

Our goal is to be open 365 days a year. We invite you to find out more about what we do, who we are and how you can help .

$13,100 raised!!!!!

Our February, 2012 meeting featured:

See photos from our first meeting: